T9 Pro - Dual Roller Motors System

The TAB T9 Pro wet dry vacuum features dual rollers that rapidly rotate to scrub your floor, removing loose dirt, distributing fresh water, and collecting everything in the dirty water tank.

"Even when you think your floors are clean, try the TAB T9 pro - the dirty tank tells all."---CNET

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R6 - FastHeating Technology

TAB R6 carpet cleaner features FastHeating technology, and has a built-in 700W heating motor, which can heat water to 140℉ in just 15 seconds.

"Discover the fast-heating technology that reveals the hidden dirt and grime lurking in plain sight"---Good Housekeeping

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H6-Cordless Carpet Cleaner Machine

TAB H6 ErasePro cordless carpet cleaner machine is lightweight and portable, with a power brush and extended hose, free your hands, keep your home clean.

Free your hands with TAB ErasePro-Housekeeper

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Make my life so much easier

I have dirty pets and dirty rugs and was told that a carpet cleaner actually would help. It’s way better than expensive grooming and showering in the shower. I love the heat system on the machine as well. Works on shaggy heavy rugs that would fit in the washing machine as well. Takes a few passes to see difference.

I have 2 dogs. Hairy dogs!

I have 2 dogs. Hairy dogs! A Golden Retriever and a BMD. The hair is constant. I'm constantly looking for a vacuum or mop that makes my job easier. I can't believe how easy this vacuum is to use, clean, and charge. I've been able to clean all my floors on one charge with time to spare. No cords to fight with. It's great and easy to clean after each use. I no longer feel like I'm cleaning my floors with hairy mops!

Easy to assemble

A very good vacuum cleaner, easy to assemble, with a language prompt upon startup. It is wireless and cannot be moved freely. It can efficiently clean the floor with strong suction and an automatic cleaning system,The water tank has a large capacity, paired with a charging base, a drying rack next to it, and a small brush, all of which are met in one machine. When charging, it emits a purple light, while at other times it is a blue light. When it is used up, it will prompt to return it to the charging base and then automatically charge. This is an excellent product.

Works wonders

We used this product for 2 main reasons. To clean up carpet and rugs from previous dog pee spots along with cleaning mattresses from stains/pee. Loved how easy it is to get clean and dirty water in/out. Quick assembly and easy to use product. It did it’s job and works wonders.

First time, very impressed

I bought this about three weeks ago and it’s very lightweight and easy to handle. Storage is not a problem as it comes with its own stands and it’s easy to see the LED charge indicator. It uses very little water and still gets the job done. Additionally, it really helps me save time because it vacuums and washes at the same time. The extra rolls and filter are really nice to have. Very happy to have this vacuum.

Convenient and easy

Fast and easy to clean my hardwood and tile floors. Everything from vacuum to deep cleaning. The auto cleaning is nice touch. I didn't have to worry about cleaning the roller it as it all effortlessly does it on it's own. I really like the wet dry vacuum.

I'm in love.

Literally would marry this machine if i could. Like it just glides. I was testing it out, sandwich in one hand, this in the other. And what was meant to be one small section turned into the whole kitchen in a few minutes. And i have a big kitchen. When have you ever been able to eat a sandwich while mopping AND vacuuming at the same time. The ultimate multi task. If it lasts long, I'm buying one for all my favorite people.

Lo necesitas!!! Es increíble

Dios esto es un milagro!! Si necesitas limpiar tu casa rápido, bien y con múltiples superficies esta es tu solución!!! Es increíble estoy enamorada!!! La batería me duró para limpiar 2000 pies cuadrados, piso de losa alfombra y laminado, de verdad es lo mejor!!! Tuve que llenar el depósito de agua limpia dos veces y vaciar el de agua sucia mientras limpiaba una vez pero eso mismo hago cuando uso cubo y frazada. Mi casa estaba bien sucia porque tuve visita el fin de semana, 2 niñas menores de 5 años y 7 adultos comiendo y tomando, regando y ensuciando. Este aparato me dejó la casa brillando en menos de 45 minutos!!!


I have used this 10 times so far and it has worked awesome. It cleaned the floor really well and it dried as fast as they claimed. I would like a little more info on how to clean the parts but I think I have it all figured out, I just hope I am doing it right. Cleaning and drying the dirty water tank every time I use it is time consuming but so much easier than a mop bucket and more sanitary than a swiffer. I just hope it doesn't break for a long time since it was so I have enjoying this product so much!

Very Impressed!

Initially, very impressed with how fast it heats up the water. I do auto detailing and cant wait to use this machine on a soiled interior. I had another extractor that took 15mins to heat up and wasnt as hot as the water coming from this machine. I hope it continues to perform. will update...